EOS Capital Partners is uniquely positioned to build the premier Greek private equity group, with a long-term perspective that will support Greek growth companies to successfully implement their investment plans through value adding propositions.

We bring together highly experienced industry professionals from Greece and abroad that combine strong investment expertise with deep understanding of the target sectors, both locally and internationally.

EOS Hellenic Renaissance Fund is a generalist fund that aims to invest in companies and sectors that play a pivotal role in the recovery of the country thus making a significant contribution to the restart of the Greek economy as well as in the reshaping of the entrepreneurial map. We focus on healthy and strong SMEs with solid historical performance and great growth potential. We provide the necessary growth capital for the financing of their investment plans in order to scale up, become the next champions in the Greek entrepreneurial map and be able to tap the international financial and strategic interest.

We strive to constantly implement the best practices at all levels of the investment process, following a real hands-on active management approach, through our managerial and operational experience and deep knowledge of the market dynamics. We support our portfolio companies on defining and executing upon their growth strategy. Our aim is to create an investment infrastructure that will unleash their full potential, envisioning to become the driving force for the development of healthy local entrepreneurship in Greece, simultaneously contributing to the social and economic prosperity of Greece.

The Fund is incorporated as a Luxembourg RAIF SCA, with an authorized by the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission AIF Manager.

Investment Focus / Strategy


In EOS, we believe that Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) are the absolute backbone of the Greek Economy and have the power to support the reactivation of the country. On that front, we provide the necessary growth capital that will empower them to unleash their full potential.

We focus on healthy and strong SMEs with robust financial performance and great growth prospects. Our target companies have strong value proposition and excellent management teams, with clear competitive advantages in their sectors and solid growth plans that will allow them to expand their businesses domestically or abroad.

We work closely with existing management teams following an active management approach throughout the life of the investment by utilizing our deep knowledge of the domestic market and our local and international networks and resources. We believe in empowering strong management teams with capital and ideas, focusing on adding strategic value to our portfolio companies.

As far as sectors are considered, EOS aims to aid in the expansion of sectors that will help build a new era for the Greek Economy, moving from a consumption-based to an export-based economy. Sectors such as Food and Beverage, Hospitality Services, Fintech, Industrials, Pharmaceuticals and Selectively Retail are of high interest.

Responsible Investing – ESG Policy, Sustainability criteria


EOS has developed a holistic system of Environmental, Social and Governance policies that ensure high levels of sustainability for our portfolio companies.

Our Responsible Investing Policy is implemented across all stages of the investment process as we believe that only by aligning the interests of our portfolio companies with those of society, we can enhance investors returns and at the same time, have a lasting, positive impact in the economy.

We closely monitor on a recurring basis our portfolio companies on ESG performance, as we deeply understand the materiality of ESG practices and policies. We, therefore, prefer a hands-on approach in managing and supporting them to navigate all ESG related issues while encouraging them to adhere to the highest standards of business conduct.