EOS focuses on providing growth capital to Greek SMEs, which are the cornerstone of the Greek Economy

EOS’ investment focus is on outward-looking companies with a strong value proposition in strategic sectors, looking for capital to fund their business plans and achieve their growth potential

The EOS team expects to achieve its investment strategy by implementing an active management approach throughout the life of the investment and by utilizing their unique local and international networks and resources with the ultimate goal of creating successful regional and international industry players


EquiFund investment platform is an initiative created by cooperation between the Hellenic Republic and EIF. It is financed by the Greek ESIF Fund of Funds TAESYM under the European Union / European Regional Development Fund / Operational Programme EPANEK, the EIF and private investors, with the objective to facilitate access to finance, mainly to SMEs, by developing the Venture Capital/Private Equity (“VC/PE”) in Greece in cooperation with selected Financial Intermediaries.